DMV male perp standing center,  4/01/14. Congrats, perp, this is your 15 minutes of fame!

DMV male perp standing center, 4/01/14. Congrats, perp, this is your 15 minutes of fame!


Today I had an appt. at DMV to get a new plate and renew my registration. The appt. was for 11 am and this place was crowded. A line wrapping around the building and I had to park a block away. On the way in I was blocked twice by a young Asian male walking in front of my car and a large city utility truck.

A sign outside said to go see the security guard at the door if you have an appt. As soon as I reached the front door the man pictured above tried to cut in front of me. At the same time the guard, who looked to be 100 years old, got distracted by his walky-talky, stepped back and let this man in and cut everyone. The man was a perp and made a fake apology when I called him out for cutting me off. “Oh I’m sorry, I was looking at my paper” with a phony smile. When I told him to be more careful or he’s going to hurt someone, he asked me if he hurt me, then called me a weirdo. This was a prepared “skit”.

Perps are told to act oblivious to their surroundings when they block you, but you know they are laser focused on your location. And when you do call them out it’s always “Oh, sorry, I was distracted by my cellphone, kid, dog, jerking off to kiddie porn, etc.”. And they never act genuinely sorry or guilty, or remorseful. Their whole objective is to walk right up to the borderline of illegal activity and sit there. They give not one fuck who they offend.

The perp man stood in a line to my left as a large Mexican family blocked me from the appt. desk. The place is crowded and noisy. I finally get help and the woman’s voice is so low it’s barely comprehensible. She gives me forms to fill out and as I go to sit down, I pass the same male perp who is now standing in a line to my right to block my path. They pull this shit all the time where they stalk you around an area. As I passed him he asked “Did I hurt ya?” and started laughing. I gave him a fake laugh and told him how funny he was. What an epic loser.

As I fill out the forms he then appears sitting in a row across from me and starts talking loud and fast to his neighbors. He is talking about nothing, complete bullshit, and he sounds like he is on speed or coke. It is meant to distract me from the forms. This has happened to me at DMV in the past where a group of Mexican high school boys sat near me and talked loudly while taking the CA driver’s test.

Perp douche finally leaves and I finish my forms and get back in the appt. line. I wait patiently as the woman waives half a dozen people through from the “handicapped” line ahead of me. She gives me a number and I take a seat again. Cough harassment, crowding, blocking harassment, noise harassment, etc. while I wait.

My number is called and I go up to another desk. We have to move around the corner to make a payment. When I meet here there a man walks up right away and tries to distract her by asking for help. He acts desperate but she ignores him :). He follows us back the the other desk and he starts bothering her neighbor and getting really loud. The “real” security guard had switched posts with the phony one by this time but he did nothing. The desperate perp finally gave up and got another number. I tell the lady I would need to take a sedative to do her job.

I am out in less than an hour and there is still a line around the building. This is my first time to this DMV location. I don’t know if it’s always like that here or if this is theater. Why would you stand in that line forever when it is so easy to make an appt.?


NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans’ calls and emails – Clapper

NSA performed warrantless searches on Americans’ calls and emails – Clapper

- NSA used ‘back door’ to search Americans’ communications
- Director of national intelligence confirms use of new legal rule
- Data collected under ‘Prism’ and ‘Upstream’ programs

First Responder Harassment Log 3/18-3/19

March 18-19, 2014


12:06 pm-  Passed by Oceanside Police Dept. Patrol car at Oceanside Blvd. and Avenida Del Oro.

12:15 pm- Passed Traffic Officer (Sheriff dept.?) stopped in the median turn lane  opposite my lane, making a left turn. Oceanside Blvd. near I-5 North interchange.

12:31 pm- Passed by private ambulance on Encinitas Blvd. at Saxony Rd.

4:33 pm-  Passed by red ambulance at Oceanside Blvd. and El Camino Real.

5:43 pm-  Passed by Firetruck at Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd.


3:05 pm-  Two Sheriff dept. employees at my door including one deputy. “Investigating” a call from my neighbor that I used my car as a “weapon” and called her a whore last week. (I am threatened by perps using their cars as weapons on a daily basis while walking and driving. See blog post “Motorcycle”. )

5:38 pm-  Passed by Sheriff dept. patrol car while walking. Vulcan and E street.

5:55 pm- City Council meeting. Sheriff dept. deputy standing in middle aisle at City Council chamber talking to people behind me.

8:44- Sheriff Dept. chief walks in front of me and stands jingling keys repeatedly in his right hand while he talks to city council members.

Same deputy that stood behind me earlier now walks over and stands in front of me as he shakes hands with city council members.

@9:30 pm- Fire dept. chief gives a brief presentation at city council meeting with repeated forced coughing during presentation. Same behavior performed repeatedly by city council members, city manager, city attorney, and city staff throughout the meeting.

10:05 pm-  Exit City Hall, Sheriff Dept. Patrol car idling directly in front of exit blocking my path. Patrol car leaves as soon as I pass.






Gang Stalking: The Dumbest Show on Earth

Yesterday I made a quick stop at Von’s Market for a few items. I also needed stamps. Every trip to the market starts with harassment in the parking lot. These days you will see people loitering inside their cars all over the lot. A few will get out when they see me and enter the store right before or after me. At the door I am blocked by a customer who is exiting the store.

As I go to the bread shelves a male employee aggressively and loudly stocks a display of chips. I enter another aisle for butter. When I enter the aisle it is empty. When I turn back to exit the aisle a minute later there are three people blocking my path w/ 2 wagons and a motor scooter.

As usual, all 3-4 open checkouts are blocked by perps with large orders. I find a line that looks decent and as soon as I get in line the young male cashier puts a “Lane Closed” sign down on the belt. I move to the checkout lane behind his and subtly flip him off.

The employee who was stocking chips before is now standing near the aisle behind me pretending to be busy with something else. I check out and a short woman in a bright orange vest bags my items. She then follows me to the pet food store next door pretending to collect carts, loudly crashing them together so I notice her. This pet food store is now owned by Petco, who I dislike with a passion. They are complete GS dicks in there.

After I pay for the pet items I realize I forgot to buy stamps at the market. I walk back to Von’s. As I walk in the door I am blocked again by another customer entering the same time as me. An employee has now set up a huge yellow ladder right in front of the door that goes all the way up to the ceiling.  He is climbing up and down the ladder and moving it around the whole time I am there. The aisle from the door to the express lane is blocked by the ladder. I walk around.

The young male who closed his lane before is now working at the express lane. When he speaks to the employee on the ladder I realize he may be mildly mentally handicapped. I wait while he counts a thick stack of bills inside his register. I ask for 2 books of stamps and pay for them, but of course he only has one book in his register. I wait while he goes to get another book. Again I am blocked by another customer entering the door as I exit.

In the parking a brown UPS truck drives towards me as I walk to my car. A man loiters in his car parked across from me. I stand next to my car and look for my keys in my purse. Out of my peripheral vision I see a white car idling right behind me. A moment later it is gone. As I leave the lot, the white car blocks me.

Does anyone out there understand why TI’s become suicidal and homicidal?

DARPA Invading The Privacy of Your Mind

Published on Mar 15, 2014
It used to be that your privacy was invaded by people entering your home and going through your personal possessions or by intercepting and reading your mail. Then they invaded your private cyberspace. Now they are openly preparing you for then next assault — invading the privacy of your mind.

Motorcycle (Using a Vehicle as a Weapon.)

Not even sure why I am bothering to post this it’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to perp’s pussy style harassment tactics. Just after 1 pm yesterday I went out for a walk. I walked North on my street towards a trail head at the end of the street. I am walking for less than 5 minutes when an extremely loud motorcycle comes roaring up the street and makes a left at an intersection I am just passing. I took pics. The bike looks and sounds familiar and I hear it go up and down the street often. And to be honest it looks like a biker I flipped off once when he and 4-5 other vehicles blocked me as I tried to exit my neighborhood one day. Well if it’s him he obviously still has a huge boner for me lol. So he made a left, drove 1/2 way down that street, turned around and came back and turned North onto the street I was walking on, revving his bike. I was just passing a parked car and a driveway. He crossed the street, came around the car and straight at me with his bike. He stopped within a few feet of me and just sat there idling and staring at me. A silver car pulled up in the intersection in front of us. At this point the biker turned in the same direction I was walking and drove very close to the curb right next to then sped away. It was obvious he was cued by other neighbors who saw me exit my home. The whole thing was timed down to the last second like it was a stunt. Likely a rehearsal for an “accident” and definitely the threat of one. Do these people ever get a fucking life? Who threatens people they don’t even know anything about with their bike? Who even has the time to do this stupid shit?

This is the “perp cycle of violence and blame”. The perp relentlessly antagonizes the target until they get a negative reaction from the target. Once they get the reaction, their little pea sized brains interpret this as a reason (or excuse) to punish the target further, as if the perp did nothing wrong at all. After all, they were only doing their “job”, right? Anytime the target rebels they are punished and made to feel like the “payback” was their own fault. Every single time. This is a HUGE theme in mind control. The fact is the fault lies with these little brainwashed buttfucks who are actually employed to do this nasty stuff.