Visit to Sheriff Dept.

Months ago I requested some crime stats from the Sheriff’s Dept. regarding vehicle noise code violations in my city. I got the usual blow off for months and then finally a response. I would have to pay them a $50 “research fee” for this info. So I went there today with the check and got a slew of perpery BS during my visit of course. Near the entrance to the building a large black pickup was parked with the driver side door left open. When I entered the small lobby, two deputies were standing in front of me questioning a female stalking victim. One female and one male deputy dressed in dark blue uniforms. The female deputy stood facing me with her arms crossed, blocking the partition window. I just walked towards her and she moved. The stalking victim rambled on in a shrill manner the whole time I was there. Her story included much cursing and violence, including directed conversation about acting “crazy”, yay! I am sure the deputies were there for the purpose of intimidation and to reassert to all the “national security threat” that I supposedly am to the city of Encinitas. It was obviously staged. I have visited this station multiple times and there are never deputies in the lobby. But they always have other “theater” going on. The one time I tried to report gang stalking there, some fat slob in sunglasses came out and made me step outside with him. I don’t understand why some deputies dress in dark blue uniforms and others wear tan. The ones that show up at my home are always in tan uniforms.

As I wait at the window for the info I requested, a female employee enters the lobby and loudly slams a door next to me. Later a bald male employee passed behind me with his hand on his abdomen. The woman who provided my report stood at the window and spoke to me with her hand over her mouth, her fingertips just below her nose. Before I left I asked another employee who a person should report to if they are being repeatedly harassed and/or intimidated by a specific deputy or group of deputies. She said to call the station or submit a report online.

The stats I requested were on tickets issued for vehicular noise code violations by the Sheriff Dept. in my city over the past year. The results were disappointing and utterly ridiculous but pretty much what I expected.

Total vehic. noise code violations in 2012- 8

Total vehic. noise code violations in 2013- 4

Words cannot express how fucking wrong this is and how much murder these people are getting away with. I have at least a dozen violations minimum passing my home every day, and the real number is more like 2-4 times that. I hear then all over the city too, and so does everyone else. But I live in NWO Zombie Droneville, USA.

After the Sheriff dept. I went to “Target” for some items, oh the irony! I did enjoy looking at the Christmas section though. When I arrived home the 2 tenants who live below me synced exiting their unit and blocking my path. One of them appeared to have a Santa hat on, to let me know that I just looked at Christmas things. These 2 missed abortions moved in below me a month ago and have done nothing since but stomp around and make a bunch of fucking racket every single day. A lot of it is synced with my bathroom use, work breaks, naps, and bedtime, and there is a lot of “shadowing”. The HOA said I had to go down there and tell them the noise is disturbing me “because maybe they don’t realize it”. When I talked to them there was no apology. They actually blamed their infant who looks too young to even walk. What a nice environment for a baby! I hope they can afford the HOA fines when they start rolling in. Karma has a lot of work to do catching up to all of these skanks.


Ode to a “C U Next Thursday”

I am currently receiving EFT treatment for PTSD by a therapist at her private home in San Diego. For the past 2 weeks, the parking spots in front of her home are taken, so I have to park in front of her neighbor’s home. Today I snapped a shot of the vehicle parked in front of her home, an older model pickup with a worn paint job, with a trailer attached to the back. Many TI’s have been sensitized to this type of rig, they are around me all the time. They love any type of vehicle that is oversized and “takes up space”. I was early for my appt. and sat in my car for about 5 minutes. The street is very quiet/ low traffic. After about 3-4 minutes a gold SUV drives down the street from the opposite direction and suddenly pulls up right in front of my vehicle, inches from my front bumper. Obviously the intention was to scare me or make me think I got caught doing something wrong. It was probably a show for the neighbors too. The car reversed a few feet and parked in front of a driveway. A woman and 3 children exited the car, leaving 3 passenger doors and the trunk open. They gave the impression this was their home, but knowing perps, you never really know. If it was their home, why not just pull into the driveway? The driver was a Hispanic looking middle aged female with straight black hair. This was staged to scare me and it did. For the first few seconds I had no idea what was happening. I would like to tell this woman what a cunt she is to agree harass and intimidate strangers. If she is the real neighbor, then she knows my therapist specializes in PTSD treatment and has clients over for that specific reason. I went in to my appt. feeling very upset and shook up. This bitch swooped in front of my car like it was some kind of Federal raid. I would like to send a very special “fuck you” to this woman for harassing me and other targeted individuals. Whoever it is you are spreading your a$$ cheeks for, know that every single life you are helping to destroy will always be worth more than yours.

View of street moments before gold SUV pulls up.

View of street moments before gold SUV pulls up.

Gold SUV suddenly pulls up in front of my car and blocks a driveway, facing wrong direction for street parking.

Gold SUV suddenly pulls up in front of my car and blocks a driveway, facing wrong direction for street parking.

First Responder Harassment Log: October 2014


2:31 pm- Passed Oceanside PD patrol car at intersection of Foussat and Oceanside Blvd. (Oceanside)

2:58 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at La Costa and Saxony Rd. (La Costa)


8:58 pm- While walking a few blocks from my home, I passed 2 San Diego Sheriff patrol vehicles parked at the Southeast corner of Encinitas Blvd. and Westlake. 1 patrol car and 1 SUV, both with flashing lights on. As I pass, 2 deputies stand behind the SUV and open the trunk door. I called the Sheriff’s dispatcher when I returned home, their names were Silva and Schmoll. (Encinitas)


8:55 pm-  While walking past the entrance to the San Elijo Campground on Hwy 101 South, a State Park Ranger in a White patrol SUV parked inside the entrance syncs ignition and exits onto 101 South. (Encinitas)

9:18 pm- Passed by red ambulance while walking on Hwy 101 North and entrance to Pipes beach near campground. (Encinitas)

9:28 pm- As I approach intersection of Hwy 101 North and 2nd Str. , a San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car that was laying in wait in an alley suddenly exits as I walk onto 2nd Str. and drives off in the opposite direction. (Encinitas)

9:36 pm- Passed a San Diego Sheriff dept. patrol car at the intersection of Chesterfield and Vulcan in Cardiff. I pull over to get the car # and the deputy passes me and makes a right into the next block. (Cardiff)

9:39 pm- Passed a “traffic stop” at the intersection of Vulcan and D Str. in Encinitas, next to side entrance to City Hall. One San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car w/ lights flashing. I saw stop being initiated moments before I passed. (Encinitas)

Oct. 2014 between 10/07-10/10

time unknown- Encinitas Fire Dept. came down my street with sirens/lights on- passed my home, Rosebay Drive. (Encinitas)


1:25 pm- Passed Oceanside PD patrol car at intersection of Camelot and Oceanside Blvd. (Oceanside)


7:20 pm- While shopping at Albertson’s market in La Costa, 2 EMT’s lay in wait near checkout and block my path as I turn a corner. As I exit the store they drive off in a private ambulance. (La Costa)

7:31 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car on El Camino Real South at Via Molena. I am right behind the patrol car as they turn East onto Encinitas Blvd. They then make a right turn about 1/2 mile down the Blvd. Patrol car # 2095, CA1257818.


4:07 pm- Passed by red Encinitas Lifeguard patrol truck as I walk North towards Beacon’s beach. Blonde female in passenger seat sits w/arm out window. (Leucadia)

4:25 pm- White State Lifeguard patrol truck suddenly appears as I walk North to the end of South Ponto Beach. As I pass near the truck the white male driver drives South then loops back and stops directly in my path to block me. He stays in this spot until I reach the North end of the Beach and sit on the jetty. He then drives over to the jetty and parks near me, gets out of the vehicle and walks onto the jetty. Lingers nearby repeatedly staring at me, then gets back into the truck and exits the beach. Vehicle #JG (La Costa)

5:10 pm- Passed by red Encinitas Lifeguard patrol truck while walking South of Beacon’s Beach (same location as earlier- vehicle going opposite direction both times). (Leucadia)

5:36 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. ladder truck at intersection of Encinitas Blvd. West and Balour.


12:48 pm- Passed by private ambulance shortly after merging onto Freeway 5 South from Encinitas Blvd. I pass the same ambulance minutes later on 5 South near Del Mar . (Encinitas)

1:01 pm- Passed by San Diego PD patrol SUV at Genessee and Eastgate. (La Jolla)

2:56 pm- Passed by San Diego patrol SUV in Whole Foods parking lot after exiting the store. (La Jolla)

3:06 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Genessee North and Eastgate. (la Jolla)

3:32 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Safety white SUV at Manchester South and 5 North on ramp w/ white blonde female driver. (Encinitas)

3:32 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car moments later at Manchester South and 5 South on ramp. (Encinitas)


8:10 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff patrol SUV while walking on Encinitas Blvd. West at Delphineum, passed me from behind. (La Jolla)


3:36 pm- Passed “traffic stop” on shoulder of 5 South Freeway just North of 805 merge. One San Diego PD patrol car w/ flashing lights. (San Diego)

5:21 pm- Passed by red ambulance on 805 South immediately after entering the freeway from Adams Ave. (San Diego)

7:20 pm- Perped x 2 by white male Fireman from La Costa Fire Dept. at Albertson’s market, wearing dark blue t-shirt w/ dept. logo. Passed same fireman in 2 different aisles, the first time he was mimicking me eating a banana. (La Costa)


7:15 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car at Encinitas Blvd. and Cambria. Passed from behind after exiting Sprout’s lot. (Encinitas)


1:07 pm- Passed by red ambulance from opposite direction at Genessee North immediately after exiting 805 South. (La Jolla)

1:21 pm- Passed 2 San Diego PD motorcycle cops stopped on right shoulder of Governor Eastbound and Cantor. One officer is standing on the side of the road watching my vehicle as I pass. (University City)

*************************FREEDOM IS NOT FREE****************************************















“Nefarious Jobs”

Here is an actual website for a company that gang stalks. The CEO “John Winters” is a private investigator and former law enforcement. There are multiple “revenge” packages available on the website designed to help ruin the subject’s life. He claims it’s all “legal” because they never physically touch the subject. Oh yeah, and he claims they never follow people and they don’t target people under 30 years old, both of which we know are BS (and yes gang stalkers do touch and assault people). He claims they got started exposing businessmen who went over to Thailand to “pop off”. I know the American government was involved in operations in Thailand trying to track visiting pedophiles who engaged in child prostitution there. It would make sense that at least some of the owners/employees of “Nefarious Jobs” are either current, former, and/or contracted government employees. They claim their harassment is justified because it’s based on “truths”. They know it just takes one seed of truth to blossom into a bouquet of lies. Nothing more than murder-for-hire, right here on the internet.

Go to the Catalog page and click on the box that says “Revenge”:

Pete Santilli Episode #823 – Whistleblower Exposes Coming Drone Invasion of USA

***Blogger’s Note: Interview with Darlene starts at 1:06

******PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING ACLU LINK for FOIA DRONE INFO ON JOINT TARGETING***** This includes covert/clandestine/special ops, surveillance, tracking, and non-lethal weaponry. ALL TI’S NEED TO READ THIS NOW.

Streamed live on Oct 21, 2014
Full Article:

Darlene Miles is a 25 plus year Independent Information System Technology Consultant and Author of the book ‘An Invasion of Corporate Locust’. As a technology consultant she has been contractually hired by million to billion dollar corporations to build systems for the banking industry’s background system, that is now used by Homeland Security as consumer risk-assessment systems, combining:
Credit background and medical records unethically, (healthcare systems) electronic patient medical records systems,
computerizing complete medical facilities, health insurance billing systems, insurance systems for property/casualty and life/health,
courts/legal systems, automotive industry automation, cable systems, manufacturing systems, steel development systems from raw coal to finished steel for all industry specifications….and government contracted projects such as UAV payload automation and many more….
Darlene is here today to focus on her work to build these systems and how she experienced a host of unethical consumer violations in the process. Violations in banking, in handling of our medical records, and various billing systems that affect all consumers.

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First Responder Harassment- 10/21/14

Last week I reported a man who scared me at the beach. It was intentional. He ran up behind me very fast and yelled “Hey!” really loud and aggressively like he was about to do something violent to me. When I turned around the man apologized and said he was just yelling at his dog. I cursed at him as he ran past me. I have seen him here multiple times in the past few months. He runs but does not look athletic at all, just a skinny, overly tanned tweaker with long dirty hair. I am supposed to take notice of him always appearing about the same time during my walk, running towards me too fast in pastel plaid shorts. This man is a perp who intentionally startled me and the reaction was strong. If he were any closer I would have acted out in self-defense and he would have been injured. I reported it to the lifeguard because he is creating a dangerous situation for himself and others. My former best friend, also in her early 40’s, has a serious heart condition. He could cause a serious cardiac event by scaring someone with her condition. I reported him and told the lifeguard I have had PTSD since 2012 and he scared me badly. He asked me for his description and said they would look out for him. He also asked me if I had reported him to the Sheriff dept. I said no and he told me to report it to them if he did it again.

This is the first time I have told any non-TI that I have PTSD. I have almost every symptom. Months of therapy in 2012 and not a single provider mentioned PTSD as a diagnosis or suggested any treatment for it. That is serious negligence on their part. Not only did they not try to recognize it or treat it, they went out of their way to exacerbate and trigger it.

Today I went for a walk at the beach. I have been walking this same route weekly for over 10 years. Because of the report I called in to the lifeguard last week I got extra harassment today. Including a State Lifeguard who blocked my path with his tuck then got out, walked up to me and stared at me. It was intimidation, stalking, crowding, and harassment. Now that I admitted to them I have PTSD they are going to try to treat me like they treat the vets. Stigmatize them, treat them like they are a threat, while constantly provoking and triggering them at the same time. Hoping for any chance to arrest, subdue, or kill them and play the big “hero”.

4:07 pm- Passed by Encinitas Lifeguard in red pickup truck driving South of Beacon’s Beach. Blonde lifeguard in passenger seat hangs arm out window which is sensitization.

4:25 pm- State Lifeguard in white pickup truck #JG arrives at North end of South Ponto Beach just as I am arriving to the jetty, where the perps know I stop and turn back. Male lifeguard pulls up next to lifeguard station as I pass. As I get closer he drives South, U-turns and loops back, stopping directly in front of me to block my path. He then sits for an extended time as I rest on the jetty, getting in and out of the vehicle once to walk around. He then drives over to the jetty and stops near where I sit. Gets out of the vehicle and walks on to the jetty and stands and stares at me. Busied himself with some other lifeguard stations there, lingers some more, gets back in the truck and leaves, passing me again on the road. Sooperdoosh :)

5:10 pm- Passed again by sam red Encinitas Lifeguard truck driving North towards Beacon’s Beach as I walk South.

5:36 pm- Passed by Encinitas ladder firetruck at intersection of Balour and Encinitas Blvd. East after I leave the beach.

I am now seeking treatment specifically for PTSD. These people are now consciously agreeing to persistently trigger and torture a person with known symptoms of PTSD that they initiated in 2012. They are, without question, acting with purely malicious intent.