First Responder Harassment Log 7/08/14

710 pm- SDSD Patrol car stopped on right shoulder Hwy. 101 North. Flashing lights on, deputy standing next to car, facing traffic with handheld radar.

715 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at intersection of Poinsettia and Carlsbad Ave.

728 pm- Passed by Oceanside PD patrol car at Coast Hwy. and Morse.

732 pm- Passed by Oceanside PD patrol car at Coast Hwy. North and Wisconsin.

732 pm- Passed by Oceanside PD patrol car at Coast Hwy. South and Wisconsin.

739 pm- Passed by Oceanside PD patrol car Coast Hwy. North and (North of ) Morse.

823 pm- Passed by Red Encinitas Lifeguard dept. truck at intersection of Hwy. 101 South and E. Street.

857 pm- First responder lights flashing near shoreline of Cardiff State beach while walking South on Hwy. 101 .

909 pm- Passed by Red ambulance at Hwy. 101 South near Pipes Beach entrance while walking.


Secret Service Terrorizes Innocent Family

This is what is happening to innocent people all over the country every day. We now live in a Nazi Police State.

Organizations Practicing Trauma-Based Mind Control

Organizations Practicing Trauma-Based Mind Control

TruthCDM- Alternative News

(These groups form what insiders call “the Network.” They are the backbone of what is known as the New World Order.)

Trauma-based Mind Control (TBMC) is torture, murder, terrorism, and slavery. 

It Takes a Village to Masturbate

I noticed the local branch of the Circle Jerk Army got a little quiet during and after the San Diego fires. Which tells me the Fire Dept.’s may have a lot more to do with gang stalking than I realized. That and they may have had the satellites they use to help terrorize us focused on the fires. A lot of attention gets paid to corrupt cops because they have more interaction with the public. I can tell you there are just as many devils in the Fire Departments too and they need to be scrutinized just the same as law enforcement.

Well the Circle Jerk Troopers seem to be back in business now that the fires have died down. At 8:30 pm this evening I went out for a walk as I normally do. Just steps down the sidewalk, directly in my path, the white truck pictured below sat idling at a business entrance. Blocking the whole sidewalk, idling with no one inside, and the interior light on. No driver in sight. I walked behind it and inspected the plates with my flashlight. The truck sat there like that for 2-3 minutes. I stopped and wrote down the plate number and took a picture. At that point a man walked over to the driver side and started pressing buttons on his cell phone. This tactic has been done to me in multiple variations before. Perps take the liberty of parking illegally all over my neighborhood.

Sometimes I wonder if these little mind fuck games work better than Viagra for these greying pot bellied middle aged men at resurrecting their dicks. If the Viagra worked wouldn’t they be home screwing their wives at 8:30 pm?

Oh and I was passed by two San Diego Sheriff dept. patrol cars on my walk. One with flashing lights that synced speeding past me while I crossed a street. The other synced passing me minutes later at and intersection.

Somebody pass the KY!

5/23/14  9:06 pm

The white truck is back in the same spot tonight for a masturbatory encore when I returned from my walk. Idling, no driver, interior lights on. A short Mexican man stood behind a pickup on the other side of the street and another man stood in front of my home. I guess he came back to let me know he’s still unable to get his flaccid dick up for his wife. Dude, try Cialis instead of Viagra. Or better yet, just come out of the closet and your life might improve.

I feel like I should be getting paid to help all these old flaccid meth addled dicks with their erectile dysfunctions. It’s like being a prostitute without any of the monetary compensation. Psychological cannibalism never felt so good for these animals. And the realization that there’s not a single first responder in town that gives a shit that an innocent woman is surrounded by gang raping psychopaths 24/7/265, because they are all rapists too. I can’t wait to look down at you in Hell and piss and shit on your heads.

Here come the rice-grain-sized brain implants: Stanford discovers way of beaming power to microimplants deep inside your body

Here come the rice-grain-sized brain implants: Stanford discovers way of beaming power to microimplants deep inside your body

More Stooges, Losers, and Dipshits

Tonight I shopped at Sprout’s Market on Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas, CA. I rarely go here anymore because it’s infested w/ perp employees. As soon as I walk in the front door there are 2 employees right in my path “stocking” produce. They make busy work all over the store as soon as the target comes in. I go to produce and my path is blocked by a cart that an employee swings out into the aisle right before I pass. A minute later, an abandoned cart blocks another aisle. I move to another section and the same 2 employees from the front door are now standing nearby again with more “busy work”. A third employee now enters my aisle with a large cart full of boxes. I go to pick up some juice and another employee is waiting at the end of the aisle “stocking”. Another employee passes me and starts talking to her loudly and rushed about some more work they need to do.

Right before I go to check out, a male employee makes an announcement on the microphone “Attention all employees, Code T. We are having a Code T” When I asked another employee if “T” was for target, he smiled and said it was for the trash. When I get to the checkout lane a woman is standing there blocking me from putting my items on the belt. She acts oblivious talking to the cashier. She holds an opened chocolate bar in front of her face and takes small bites. This is mimicking harassment. She is with a man and they both do the “happy chatty” act with the cashier to hold up the line. Before she leaves she asks the cashier “Oh do you carry vinegar? The white vinegar?” This is mimicking harassment as well and directed conversation. What a stupid question. After she finished her candy bar I hope she went home and blew her husband and gave herself a nice white vinegar douche.

All the stores I shop at now have the exact same digital payment machine. The exact same model in every store, same screen/ same display/ same keypad. Tonight I noticed this and commented on it to the cashier.  He agreed they are now all the same. I told him I thought that was creepy. He said “Oh well it’s not about 1984 or anything.” I replied “Actually I think it’s all about 1984″. He then stroked his left chest with his right hand which is mimicking and sexual harassment. Right after he did this he said to the cashier in the lane behind me “She’s not int he mood.” As I turned to leave a blonde employee walked right in front of the exit, this is synchronized harassment and blocking. She narrowly missed blocking me and I let my bag of groceries bump into her as she was on my right. Just because she is a cunt :)